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Day 11: Walvis Bay

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Tuesday 02 April 2019 | Distance travelled: 0km

She's arrived! I barely slept a wink last night so anxious I was about the car. There was certainly excitement, but I was also worried that the car wouldn't in fact arrive or that it would get held up somehow. Our shippers in London had made us fill out endless forms about the origin, price, weight, and size of every thing that was put into the car and container, and I was sure that some of the pieces of info I'd put into their spreadsheets were wrong.

I shouldn't have worried. It turned out that getting the car out of the container and through customs was quick and easy. In fact DB Schenker had got a little crowd together and were planning a bit of a promo video, so when we got to the office it was all smiles and happiness. Even the customs lady who'd be charged with looking after getting our car into the country seemed to be more interested in taking pictures of the car than getting through the minutiae of the packing lists.


It is with a huge sense of relief and excitement then that I can finally feel like we're going to get on the move. There's so much now to look forward to, not least the anticipation of moving so much in such a small amount of time, when for the last ten days we've been more or less stationary.

Ezra Byrne, a film maker, has joined us for a few days to shoot some film for a short he's making for JLR. It'll be great to have him document the first few steps of our journey as well as the demo that we're planning to do at UNAM tomorrow.

We've now got to hope that everything fits in the car. Because of the rush, we haven't actually tested putting everything in the car yet, so we'll have to see how much stuff people are going to have to have on their laps etc over the coming days. Nevertheless, it's time now for the excitement and trepidation of a big journey to start to settle in as The Mobile Malaria Project finally gets on the move!